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Furthers Fine Art Wedding Rings
offering Fine Art Wedding and Engagement Rings by Artisans
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    Furthers. com offers custom engagement rings, custom celtic wedding bands, mens and ladies personalized rings in all metals from Gold, Platinum, Titanium and Tungsten.  Bring us your unique design requirements, we would be happy to assist you in designing your engagement and wedding rings.   Email us at your questions or phone us at 416-820-7736. If you have a particular quote request please click here - REQUEST for QUOTE - 586-441-3230 Michigan - 416-820-7736 Toronto  - 
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    For the first time ever we are offering the Forty-Five ring. We simply rotated our normal 2x2 twill fabric 45 degrees prior to cutting and lay-up to produce a very interesting visual effect. Initially we are building all Forty-Five rings to order so the lead time on shipping this ring is 1-2 weeks until we build up our stock. Our new polished finish offers a semi gloss ring with a very durable surface. For the first time no coatings are used in any of our rings. Each ring is individually wet sanded through 10 stages of sanding with a final application of buffing compound.


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